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Avana Coolant 50/50 is a top quality coolant specially formulated to provide total cooling protection to engines. Our 50/50 coolant is highly capable of controlling the engine operating temperature at optimum level and preventing the engine from overheating and freezing. Coolant 50/50 is free from phosphate, silicate and nitrate components, which is made with organic acid technology (OAT) that provides corrosion protection to the entire cooling system of a vehicle and it can also be used in modern vehicles that come with aluminium made cooling systems.

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Avana 50/50 coolant is made of mono ethylene glycol and demineralized water along with advanced anti corrosion additives under OAT technology. 50/50 coolant is premixed with demineralized water to get an optimum 50/50 ratio of coolant and water to offer maximum cooling performance. Avana coolant 50/50 is compatible with most vehicles and meets or exceeds the specifications of ASTM D3306, ASTM D6210, GM 6277M, Ford WSS-M97B44-D, Chrysler MS-12106, and other major OEMs. Avana coolant 50/50 is a reliable and affordable solution for your engine cooling needs.

Coolant 50/50 Features

Prevent Engine Freezing
Avana Coolant 50/50 is capable of lowering the freezing point of water, which helps to prevent cooling system and engine components from freezing in extreme cold weather conditions. This is highly important because freezing can damage engine and cooling parts.

Prevent Engine Overheating
Avana Coolant 50/50 has the ability to prevent the engine from overheating during extreme hot weather and heavy word load conditions. Coolant has higher boiling point than water, so during hot and heavy load conditions it will raise the boiling by its own and reduce the risk of engine overheating and maintain optimum temperature level inside the engine.

Protection Against Corrosion
Avana Coolant 50/50 is formulated with anti-corrosion additives that will help the coolant to prevent the cooling system and components (radiator, water pump, expansion tank, tubes) from rust and corrosion.

Heat Transfer Capabilities
Avana Coolant 50/50 has excellent heat transferring properties which will allow it to absorb the heat generated inside the engine and control the operating temperature to optimum level.

Convenient To Use
Avana Coolant 50/50 is highly convenient to use because it comes in a pre-mixed form, so it avoids the complex process of measuring and mixing of coolant and water in 50:50 ratio before pouring to the coolant system which will ensure easy replacement and maintenance of coolant.

Avana Coolant 50/50 is a solution formulated with 50% mono ethylene glycol and 50% distilled water and it is compatible with most of the modern and old coolant systems and can be used in a wide range of vehicles.

Longer Lifespan
Coolant 50/50 has longer lifespan because it is formulated with advanced additives to provide a high lasting period inorder to reduce the frequency of coolant changes and maintenance.

Low Environmental Impact
Coolant 50/50 is an eco-friendly solution and it is was formulated with mono ethylene glycol and distilled water along with anti-corrosion inhibitors. Mono ethylene glycol is a non-toxic substance and it does not has any harmful effect on our environment.

Application of 50/50 Coolant

  • Coolant 50/50 is used in heavy duty vehicles and natural gas engine vehicles such as buses, concrete transport truck, mobile crane, dump truck, garbage truck, log carrier, refrigerator truck, tractor unit, tank truck etc.
  • Coolant 50/50 is used in machines used for power generation like generators, steam turbines, micro turbines, gas turbines, gas engines, micro CHP nuclear power reactors, small wind, diesel generators
  • Coolant 50/50 is used for marine engines like Outboard Engines, Inboard Engines, Sterndrive etc.
  • Coolant 50/50 is used in light duty vehicles such as passenger cars, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), vans, and minivans etc
Density at 15°C kg/l 1.080
pH – value 8.1
Reserve alkalinity ml 11.5
Crystallizationpoint °C -38

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is 50/50 a universal coolant?
Coolant 50/50 is not a universal coolant. 50/50 coolant consists of 50% of coolant and 50% distilled water which is used in a wide range of vehicles, but not compatible with all types of vehicles because different vehicles has different types of cooling systems.

What is 50/50 coolant used for?
Coolant 50/50 is basically used to cool down engine temperature under extreme hot or heavy duty conditions and similarly prevent engine from freezing under extreme cold weather conditions. Main purpose of coolant is to maintain optimum level of engine operating temperature in all types of temperature conditions. Coolant 50/50 contains anti-corrosion additives which helps to protect the engine cooling system from rust and corrosion.

Is 50/50 coolant good for all cars?
50/50 coolant is good for cars but not for all types of cars, because different cars has different coolant specifications based on various factors such as car make and model, operating climatic conditions, engine type, age of the car, manufacturer recommendation etc.

Is coolant supposed to be 50/50?
Coolant solutions are not always in 50:50 ratio form. Normally coolant grades used in vehicles may vary from one vehicle to other based on model, manufacturer, climatic conditions etc. For example some vehicles need higher coolant concentration in colder regions and lower concentration in hot temperature regions.

What colour is 50/50 coolant?
50/50 coolant available in different colours and it may vary from one brand to other, but it is usually seen in orange colour. Some other common colours of coolant 50/50 are green, red, pink, yellow and purple.

Can I add water to 50/50 coolant?
No, you can’t add water to 50/50 coolant. Coolant 50/50 is formulated with 50% coolant and 50% distilled water which means that this coolant is already mixed with water in 50:50 ratio so it is not required to add water before using it in your vehicle.

Can you mix different types of 50 50 coolant?
No, It’s not recommended and you can’t mix different types of 50/50 coolant together. This is because coolants from different brands use different formulas and additives so if we mix these coolants together it can cause chemical reaction and it will affect the overall properties of that coolant and it will eventually affect the performance of radiator cooling system such as freezing, overheating, corrosion etc.

Can I mix 50/50 coolant with orange coolant?
No, You can’t mix 50/50 coolant with orange colour coolant. By mixing different colours of coolants can result in a chemical reaction and it will turn the coolant’s liquid form to a gel state-form that will finally affect the flowness of the coolant and can cause damage to the entire cooling system of a vehicle.

Is 50/50 coolant better than water?
Yes, ofcourse 50/50 coolant is better than water. By using direct water as coolant is not a good idea because normal water contains so many minerals which can cause corrosion and rust to the cooling system, on the other hand coolant 50/50 is made of 50% coolant and 50% distilled or demineralized water along with corrosion inhibitors. So coolant 50/50 can stop the effects of corrosion on the cooling system.

Is 50/50 coolant flammable?
No, Coolant 50/50 is not at all flammable. Coolant 50/50 is formulated using 50% coolant and 50% water within that coolant is a mono ethylene glycol and it is non-flammable, similarly water is also non-flammable. So coolant 50/50 solution is not flammable

Is 50/50 Coolant good for summer?
Yes. 50/50 coolant is always good for the summer season. 50/50 coolant has the ability to control and maintain the operating temperature of an engine at optimum level under extreme hot weather conditions.

Does 50/50 coolant evaporate?
Yes, 50/50 coolant will evaporate if it is exposed to air or under extreme temperature conditions. But it does not evaporate as quickly as water.

Do cars take 50/50 coolant?
Yes, ofcourse most of the cars take 50/50 coolant. But it also depends on so many factors such as climatic conditions, manufacturer recommendation, vehicle model and make etc.

What type of water is in 50/50 coolant?
Distilled or demineralized or deionised water is used in 50/50 coolant.

Where do you put 50/50 coolant?
50/50 coolant is normally pour into the radiator and coolant reservoir of a vehicle.

Can you mix 50/50 coolant with other brands?
No, it is not recommended to mix 50/50 coolant to mix with other coolant brands. This is because by mixing 50/50 coolant with other brand coolants can result in chemical reaction and will affect the overall performance of 50/50 coolant.



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