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In the world of automotive care, where precision meets innovation. Avana Coolant 40/60 is not just another coolant, it’s actually a proof of the relentless pursuit of excellence in engine protection and temperature regulation. Avana Coolant is formulated using mono ethylene glycol and demineralized water along with advanced additives
Avana Coolant 40/60 is the perfect choice for the car owners who always want the best for their dream owned vehicle. Avana Coolants are not just a fluid, it’s formulated to ensure complete protection for engines in extreme temperature conditions.

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Avana 40/60 is highly capable to maintain optimum operating temperature inside the engine and help to avoid overheating issues. Avana 40/60 coolant is highly suited for vehicles frequently used in heavy traffic conditions where engine overheating normally occurs.
Avana Coolant 40/60 is a premixed form of mono ethylene glycol and deionized water which are mixed 60:40 ratio format, which means coolant 40/60 is an optimal blend of 40% ethylene glycol and 60% deionized water. This precomposed form of coolant helps to avoid the need of manual measurement & mixing and also excludes the chance of errors.

Major Features of Coolant 40/60

Protection Against Freezing
Coolant 40/60 has the ability to protect the engine cooling system of a vehicle from freezing under extreme low temperature conditions. Coolant 40/60 mixture is made up of 40% ethylene glycol and 60% water, this 40:60 ratio combination helps the coolant mixture to maintain it’s liquid state even under extreme cold weather conditions.

High Thermal Stability
Avana Coolant 40/60 has excellent thermal stability and it has a high boiling point around 250°F (121°C) which means our coolant mixture is highly capable to withstand any high temperature levels under it’s boiling limit. So due to this feature our coolant can easily prevent the engine from overheating.

Prevention Against Corrosion
Avana Coolant 40/60 comes with carboxylate corrosion inhibitors which will provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion. The presence of inhibitor content in coolant 40/60 allows to form a thin protection layer on the metal surfaces of the cooling system, which prevents these metal parts from corrosion and rust.

Prevention Against Foaming
Avana coolant is formed with ethylene glycol and water along with advanced additives, which prevent coolant mixtures from foam creation after start using coolant. Bubble formation in coolant solution is a major issue because it can affect the performance and fluidity of coolant solution.

Avana Coolant 40/60 is a solution formulated with 40% mono ethylene glycol and 60% deionized water and it is compatible with most of the modern and old coolant systems and can be used in a wide range of vehicles.

Longer Lifespan
Coolant 40/60 has longer lifespan because it is formulated with advanced additives to provide a high lasting period inorder to reduce the frequency of coolant changes and maintenance.

Low Viscosity
Our coolant 40/60 solution has a very low viscosity level which helps the mixture to flow easily and which will reach every point and corner of the cooling system

Avoid Mineral Scale Formation
Avana coolant 40/60 is made of ethylene glycol and demineralised water so that it prevents the possibility of mineral scale formation. If we use normal water to mix with ethylene glycol it contains different types of minerals like magnesium, calcium etc. which can cause chemical reactions inside the cooling system and which will lead to deposit formation on the surface of the cooling systems and it’s components. That’s why Avana coolant is formulated with demineralized water to exclude this kind of negative affects.

Aluminum Protection
Today most of the modern vehicles come with aluminium cooling system, but aluminium is a very lightweight metal it can easily cause corrosion and damages. Avana coolant 40/60 will be an excellent solution to this problem beacuse it was made of ethylene glycol and water along with advanced additives which will protect the aluminium components from corrosion and other severe damages.

Low Environmental Impact
Coolant 40/60 is an eco-friendly solution and it was formulated with mono ethylene glycol and deionised water along with anti-corrosion inhibitors. Mono ethylene glycol is a non-toxic substance and it does not has any harmful effect on our environment.

Application of Coolant 40/60

  • Coolant 40/60 is commonly used in different types of automobiles to control operating temperature of engines. Some of the major vehicles are passenger cars, light-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles etc.
  • Coolant 40/60 can be used in agricultural equipment and vehicles like tractors, combine harvester, plough, baler, seed drill machines etc
  • Coolant 40/60 can be used in construction equipment & machines like bulldozers, excavators, loader, backhoe loader, skid-steer loader, compact excavator
  • Coolant 40/60 can be used in different types of generators like gasoline generators, diesel fuel generators, propane gas or vapor generators, biodiesel generators, emulsified diesel generators, natural gas generators, hydrogen generator.
  • Coolant 40/60 can be used in marine vehicles like speedboats, sailboats, crane barges, drill ships,trawlers,factory ships,tugs,floating dry docks,lightships,barge carriers, cross-channel ferries
  • Coolant 40/60 is suited for material handling machines and equipments like telehandler, forklifts, sideloader, overhead crane etc.
Density at 15°C kg/l 1.080
pH – value 8.1
Reserve alkalinity ml 11.5
Crystallizationpoint °C -38


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does 40/60 coolant mean?
40/60 Coolant means, it is a mixture made by mixing mono ethylene glycol and water in a 40:60 ratio. In other words Coolant 40/60 is made of 40% of mono ethylene glycol and 60% deionised water along with additives.

Is a 40/60 coolant mix OK?
Yes, a 40/60 coolant mix is OK. Coolant 40/60 is formulated by correctly mixing 40% ethylene glycol with 60% deionised water and it is a coolant solution accepted and compatible with most of the modern vehicles. It provides adequate protection from freezing in most climates and can withstand high temperatures under extreme hot conditions.

How do you mix 40/60 antifreeze?
40/60 Coolant is mixed by combining 40% ethylene glycol and 60% deionised water.

What temp does 40/60 coolant freeze?
Coolant 40/60 mixture has a freezing point of -12 degrees Fahrenheit (-55.6 degrees Celsius). This means that coolant 40/60 will start to freeze at temperatures below -12 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the ratio of coolant 40/60?
The ratio of 40/60 coolant is 40:60 which means 60% ethylene glycol and deionized water.

What is the boiling point of 40/60 coolant?
Avana Coolant 40/60 has a high boiling point around 250°F (121°C) which means our coolant mixture is highly capable to withstand any high temperature levels under it’s boiling limit

Is 40/60 coolant better?
Coolant 40/60 is better, but it depends on the compatibility and the climate in which you live.

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