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Avana Lubricants - Best Petrol Engine Oil Supplier in UAE

If you are looking for the best petrol engine oil manufacturer in UAE, then no need to think further choose Avana Lubricants for your specific petrol engine oil requirements.

We, Avana Lubricants know the exact importance of ensuring maximum performance and protection of your car’s engine, that’s the reason we have formulated and manufactured different categories of petrol engine oil with different grades in order to meet the exact requirements of your gasoline engines.

Avana petrol engine oils are formulated in a wide variety of viscosities along with API and SAE ratings in order to meet the needs of different driving conditions. Primarily 3 categories of petrol engine oil are manufactured at Avana Lubricants, they are

Avana fully synthetic petrol engine oil is uniquley designed and engineered to meet the demanding specifications of modern automobile engines. Our major fully synthetic petrol engine oil grades are 0W30, 0W40, 0W20, 5W30 SM, 5W30 SN, 5W30 SN PlUS, 5W40, 10W60 etc.

Avana semi synthetic petrol engine oil specially formulated to provide excellent engine protection with performance improvement. We offer a wide range of semi synthetic petrol engine oil grades such as 0W30, 0W40, 5W30, 10W30, 10W40 SL, 10W40 SN, 5W40, 15W40 etc.

Avana Premium Petrol Engine Oils are specially formulated with advanced additives to provide superb performance with enhanced fuel economy. We offer a wide range of premium petrol engine oil grades such as 15W40, 20W40 SM, 15W50 SL, 20W50 SL, SAE 40 SL, SAE 50 SL etc.

Why Choose Avana as Your Petrol Engine Oil Supplier in UAE?

A high-quality petrol engine oil always plays a vital role to ensure smooth functioning and better performance of an automobile engine. Without using an efficient petrol engine oil it will be difficult to ensure proper lubrication and it will definitely affect your car’s engine in different ways like engine overheating, sudden breakdowns, increased wear & tear etc. So it’s highly important to use a high quality branded engine oil for your vehicle’s engine.

Avana Lubricant is considered as one of the most trusted petrol engine oil manufacturers in UAE with more than 20 years of expertise in the lubricant manufacturing industry. 

Avana petrol engine oil lubricants are blended with virgin base oil and high grade additives to maximize engine performance and to ensure excellent protection for your automobile engines. This special blending formation helps to keep proper lubrication inside the engine which will lead to attain so many beneficial features like reduced wear & tear, always keep the engine clean, improve fuel efficiency and also extend engine lifespan.

Avana petrol engine oils are specially formulated not only to maximize engine performance but also to meet specific international standards (such as API, SAE, ACEA,JASO) and to satisfy the requirements of engine manufacturer’s 

Major Benefits of Choosing Avana Petrol Engine Oil From UAE

Excellent Engine Lubrication

Avana petrol engine oil can reduce the friction and drag inside the engines by providing superior lubrication and protection to the engine parts. Avana petrol engine oil has excellent engine lubrication properties which ensures smooth functioning of engines. Exceptional lubrication features lead to enhanced engine performance and also protect engines from severe damages. 

The proper lubrication properties help to reduce a significant amount of wear and tear issues of the engine components and thereby prevent engines from overheating. Avana Petrol Engine also has the capability to seal the gaps between the piston ring and the cylinder walls, improving compression and power.  

Fuel Efficiency & Fuel Economy

Avana petrol engine oil is the best choice for ensuring fuel efficiency and fuel economy. Avana petrol engine oil can improve fuel efficiency of your engine and get the most out of every fuel drop. Our petrol engine oil is capable enough to minimize the energy loss and maximize the engine power. Avana petrol engine oil is blended with high grade additives that will help to enhance fuel combustion. Avana petrol engine oil has the ability to reduce the friction coefficient by up to 18%, resulting in a significant improvement in fuel efficiency.

Our petrol engine oil can enhance fuel economy by creating an ultra-thin lubrication film around the engine parts. This lubrication film reduces the friction between engine parts and allows the engine to operate at optimum level without unnecessary power loss.

Avana petrol engine oil is blended with high quality additives that can improve fuel combustion and lower emissions. 

One of the major factors for low fuel efficiency is metal to metal contact inside the engine, which can lead to high fuel consumption and also affect the engine performance. In this situation you need a top grade petrol engine oil like Avana petrol engine oil, it has the ability to ensure proper lubrication between engine parts and helps to reduce metal to metal drags significantly. Avana petrol engine has the ability to maintain its viscosity at optimum level in all conditions and has a very slow draining period which increases the frequency of oil changes and maintenance and saves your money and time.

Engine Life Extension

Our petrol engine oil is produced from an advanced formula that gives longer engine life with exceptional protection against wear and tear thereby leading to significant reduction in repair and maintenance. Avana petrol engine oil has the capability to maintain perfect viscosity levels and ensure then cleanliness of the engine oil, preventing premature aging and breakdown of the engine.

Avana petrol engine oil is manufactured with anti-wear agents that helps to generate a strong barrier on the engine parts which helps the engines from damage and deterioration. Avana petrol engine oil is capable of preventing engines from corrosion by acting as a resistance towards accumulation of water, acids, contaminants and other corrosive substances that can attack the engine metal surface. 

Avana petrol engine oil contains dispersants and detergents which both help to counter oxidation and also prevent deposit formation on engine parts.

High-End Engine Performance

As a leading petrol engine oil manufacturer in UAE, we are more focused on producing petrol engine oils specially for improving engine performance. We have designed an advanced blending formula to get high end performance from petrol engines that can easily outperform the competitors engine oils. 

Avana petrol engine oil is also competent enough to provide high level performance in all climatic and driving conditions, thereby ensuring a smooth and powerful driving experience. Our petrol engine oil ensures optimal viscosity and fluidity level which leads to smooth and efficient transfer of power from the engine to the wheels. 

Avana petrol engine oil has the ability to deliver excellent stability to the petrol engines by resisting volatility and shear stress. 

Engine Protection

Most of the petrol engine oil manufacturers in UAE give more importance to the engine protection properties of their engine oil. Avana petrol engine oil is also made by giving more priority to the engine protection characteristics and is fully efficient to protect and safeguard your vehicle’s engine at any cost. Because we know that your petrol engine vehicle is an investment so to protect that investment is our responsibility. 

Our petrol engine oil is highly capable of providing excellent protection and care to your petrol engines in all kinds of climatic and harsh driving conditions. Another characteristic of Avana petrol engine oil is it can minimize the wear and tear on critical engine parts, and help maintain the mechanical integrity of your vehicle. 

Avana petrol engine oil has the ability to protect petrol engines and equipment from various threats (overheating, oxidation, deposits, damages) by forming a strong protective layer on the engine parts. Avana petrol engine oil also has the ability to safeguard petrol engines from contaminants by filtering out dirt, dust, and debris that can enter the engine through the air intake or fuel system. 

Avana petrol engine oil is formulated by blending with antifoam agents that can stop air bubbles from forming in the engine oil, because the existence of air bubbles can reduce the engine oil’s lubricating ability

Environmental friendly With Low Emission 

Avana Lubricants is not just focused on producing engine oil with performance and engine care properties but also committed to develop environmental friendly engine oils.

By the use of Avana petrol engine oils, you are choosing an eco-friendly high quality engine oil that balances performance, protection, fuel economy, and emission control.

Our petrol engine oils are specially blended not only to minimize the pollutant emissions but also to improve the overall function of the engine’s exhaust treatment systems. Avana petrol engine oil is manufactured with low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur) technology that helps to reduce the formation of harmful pollutants significantly.

Avana petrol engine oil has the feature to optimize fuel-air ratio and prevents misfiring and pre-ignitions which leads to decreased emission level.

Avana Lubricants is one of the lubricant manufacturers in UAE that has the latest environmental standard certifications by complying with Euro4, Euro5 and Euro 6 emission norms. Our petrol engine oil also meets the emission standards such as Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) in India, China VI in China, and Tier 3 in the United States, MoIAT & GSO Standards in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A top petrol engine oil supplier in UAE primarily offers three types of petrol engine oils such as fully synthetic petrol engine oil, semi-synthetic petrol engine oil, and mineral-based or premium petrol engine oil lubricants. These three petrol engine oils are specially designed and formulated to meet the different engine specifications and performance requirements of old and modern petrol engine automobiles.

Yes, the engine oils produced in UAE are compatible with a wide range of old and new petrol engine vehicles, including cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and other petrol-powered equipment and automobiles.

Yes, most of the petrol engine oil suppliers in the UAE strictly follow the mandatory quality control processes to ensure their products meet all the engine oil industry standards. The majority of the petrol engine oil manufacturers in UAE & Dubai has different types of international standard certifications such as American Petroleum Institute (API) or the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), original equipment manufacturer (OEM), ISO etc

Yes, most of the petrol engine oil manufacturers in the UAE usually provide technical data sheets to the customers that contain detailed information about their products' specifications, performance characteristics and recommended applications.

Choosing a petrol engine oil exporter in the UAE offers several advantages, including access to advanced manufacturing facilities, quality raw materials, always follow international standards, and location advantage helps to reach distribution destinations easily with less time

Yes, petrol engine oil manufacturers in UAE can provide customised solutions to meet the specific needs of vehicles and equipment. They can develop tailored lubricants with specific performance characteristics to address unique needs and enhance overall engine performance.

Yes, most of the petrol engine oil manufacturers in UAE conduct thorough engine oil performance testing to ensure their lubricant oil products meet or exceed international industry standards. These tests evaluate parameters such as lubrication performance, resistance to high temperatures and oxidation, viscosity, viscosity index, flash point, pour point, demulsification, copper corrosion, acid number, foam characteristics, oxidation characteristics, water separation, rust prevention, cleanliness, water content.

Yes, engine oil produced in UAE is extremely suited for both gasoline and hybrid petrol-electric engines, which are designed and tested to provide the necessary lubrication and protection to different engine types.

Yes, Avana Lubricants can manage and accommodate emergency time-sensitive orders. We have the most advanced manufacturing facility with highly skilled labours to fulfill any kind of bulk orders.

As a leading lubricant manufacturer in UAE, Avana Lubricants ensures product quality and consistency for international customers through rigorous testing, adherence to industry standards, implementation of quality management systems, and traceability of raw materials.

Yes, petrol engine oil supplier in the UAE can accommodate specific product certifications or requirements for international markets. They can work with customers to meet the necessary standards and certifications as per the destination country's regulations.

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