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Why Choose Avana Lubricants as Tractor Oil Supplier in UAE

Tractors are an essential piece of machinery used by farmers all around the world. They need to be functioning at their best throughout the year so that all farming or heavy-duty activities can be conducted efficiently. Therefore, using the proper oils for the engines and other oil-related parts is important to keep the tractors running full steam ahead. Normally, the engines of tractors work at high temperatures, therefore it is essential to use a high-quality lubricant that withstands the extreme temperature conditions for tractors to work optimally.

When it comes to lubricants with exceptional temperature stability, Avana Tractor Oils is regarded as the top tractor oil supplier in the UAE. Our Tractor Oils are crafted with premium quality base oils, additives, and anti-oxidants, designed for use in diesel engines tractors, and other agricultural equipment. It has been formulated to offer a long service life, high-performance characteristics, and universal suitability for all engines, transmission systems, hydraulic systems, and wet brake systems of tractors.

Tractors have hydraulic systems consisting of gears, pumps, and transmissions, as well as final drives that also need tractor-specific lubricants. Furthermore, some tractors even come with wet brakes that have cooling and lubricating functions provided by these lubricants. Therefore, lubricating oils need to be specified in accordance with the tractor brand and the climate conditions over which the tractor operates. Our tractor oil has more than one purpose, and the primary purpose is to lubricate the moving parts within the engine. Another purpose is to cool some parts of the engine, absorb the deposits, transfer them to the oil filter, and keep these parts clean. They are designed to protect critical components from friction, wear, oxidisation, and other crucial damages resulting in a long lasting performance.

Tractor oil has a direct impact on the reliability, durability, energy savings, and efficiency of the engine, among other benefits. Therefore, Avana tractor oils are specifically crafted for maintaining the moving parts of the engine properly lubricated in order to reduce friction and wastage and transfer the heat from the combustion process away from the cylinder. In addition, it keeps the engine clean, helps in the injection system’s functioning, and seals the piston rings.

In order to meet the requirements of various tractor models, Avana tractor oils come in a range of alternatives with viscosities that can withstand high temperatures and heavy loads. Avana is the ideal option if you’re searching for the top tractor oil providers in the UAE.

Our Major Tractor Oil Grades

10W30 STOU Tractor Oil

Avana 10W30 STOU Tractor Oil is a high performance lubricant with a viscosity of 62.0 centistokes at 40 ̊C and 9.70 centistokes at 100°C, providing optimal lubrication across temperatures. With a flashpoint of 223°C, Avana 10W30 STOU possesses high thermal stability, ensuring safety under high temperature conditions. Excellent fluidity in cold settings is ensured by a pour point of -38°C, which facilitates smooth beginnings and low-temperature operation. It is ideal to use in transmissions, hydraulic systems, final drives, wet brakes, oil-immersed clutches, and normally aspirated and turbocharged diesel and gasoline engines. 

10W40 STOU Tractor Oil

10W40 STOU Tractor Oil is a multipurpose lubricant that is made for industrial and agricultural machines and provides strong performance under a variety of conditions. For a variety of uses, such as hydraulic systems, engines, and gearboxes, the oil offers outstanding performance and protection. The viscosity at 100°C is 13.4 centistokes, ensuring effective lubrication and minimal wear under high temperature conditions. With a pourpoint of -38°C Avana 10W40 STOU Tractor Oil offers excellent low properties even in extremely cold conditions, facilitating easy starts and stable operation. The 230°C flash point suggests a high level of safety, lowering the risk of ignition under normal operating temperatures.

15W30 STOU Tractor Oil

Avana 15W30 STOU Tractor oil is a premium grade tractor oil with a viscosity index of 125, providing excellent stability and viscosity under various temperatures. Its kinematic viscosity, which is 0.85 at 40°C and 11.49 at 100°C, guarantees efficient lubrication throughout a broad temperature range. It meets and matches the specifications of API CE/SF (Engine), GL-4 (Gears), CCMC (D4/G2,) MB (227.1), Massey Fergusson (1135, 112, 1139), Ford (M2C 86A,134B/C, 159B), Allison (C4), John Deere (J20A, ZF TE-ML 06B, 06L, 07B, 07D), and Caterpillar (TO-2). Additionally, the low pour point of -31°C is highly suitable for cold environments and the 218°C of flash point indicates the high resistance to ignition under intense heat. 

15W40 STOU Tractor Oil

Avana 15W40 STOU Tractor Oil is formulated with premium quality base oils and additives, ensuring a long lasting service life. It is designed to improve fuel efficiency, enhanced protection against sludge and deposits, and superior shear stability. It is suitable for a wide range of tractor components, including engines, transmissions, and hydraulic systems, making it a versatile choice for maintaining agricultural machinery in peak conditions. It has a pour point of -35°C and a flash point of 225°C, resulting in enhanced protection under various temperature ranges. 

UTTO Universal Tractor Transmission Oil

Avana 10W30 STOU Tract Avana UTTO Universal Tractor Transmission Oil is renowned for its excellent oxidation stability, superior anti-wear properties, and enhanced protection against rust and corrosion. The perfect viscosity of 7.80 centistokes at 100°C and 39.8 centistokes at 40°C boasts excellent stability and fluidity in all weather conditions. The high quality base oils and additives result in prolonged equipment life, reduced maintenance costs, and improved overall efficiency of agricultural machinery

Major Benefits & Features of Avana Tractor Oil

1. Wear & Tear Protection 

Avana Tractor Oil is formulated with advanced anti-wear additives that create a protective durable lubricating film between the engine parts to prevent metal-to-metal contact. The additives help the oil to withstand heavy loads and extreme temperature conditions and minimize the formation of harmful deposits, ultimately preserving the integrity of the engine and promoting smoother, more consistent performance. Our tractor oil’s ability to reduce friction and reduce internal component wear maintains the overall efficiency and longevity of the tractor’s engine. The high quality synthetic base oils in Avana Tractor oils ensure that crucial engine parts, such as pistons, cylinders, and bearings, are adequately lubricated and shielded from premature deterioration. This protection not only extends the lifespan of the engine but also contributes to the tractor’s overall performance and operational reliability, proactively mitigating the risk of costly repairs.

2. Corrosion Protection/Rust Prevention

Tractor oil plays a critical role in protecting the engine from corrosion and preventing rust formation. Avana Tractor Oil contains special corrosion inhibitors that form a protective barrier on metal surfaces, preventing the formation of rust caused by exposure to moisture and air. Our Tractor oil also helps to displace water and moisture from metal surfaces, further reducing the risk of corrosion. When it comes to agricultural environments, rust prevention is crucial where tractors are exposed to moisture, humidity, and various weather conditions. Avana Tractor Oil is formulated with the ability to inhibit rust formation even in demanding agricultural settings. It ensures that the engine remains in optimal condition even in harsh environmental conditions, such as exposure to water, fertilizers, and other corrosive substances commonly found in the agricultural sector. 

3. Resistance Against Oxidation

Degradation of oil quality over time is common among lubricants. With time the oil reacts with oxygen and forms harmful by-products such as sludge and varnish, which can lead to engine corrosion and sludge buildup. Avana Tractor oils are crafted with anti-oxidants and detergents that maintain the oil’s viscosity and lubricating properties, preventing the formation of these harmful properties that can clog the engine and other components. With enhanced oxidation stability, the oil can remain effective for longer time periods resulting in longer oil change and less downtime. 

4. Foam Suppression

Foaming has detrimental effects like inadequate lubrication and premature wear in tractor engines. The foam suppression characteristic of Avana Tractor Oil will stand as a unique feature among other tractor oil suppliers in the UAE. the anti-foam additives in our tractor oil will minimize the formation of foam and air bubbles, ensuring a stable and continuous oil film on engine parts. It will help the oil to maintain adequate lubrication in various operating conditions, preventing mechanical damage.


5. Seal Compatibility 

The seals and gaskets used in tractors are made with different materials. Using tractor oil that is not compatible with the seal material can cause them to swell, shrink, or degrade leading to potential engine damage. Avana tractor oils are designed to be compatible with different materials. This characteristic will help the engine prevent leaks and maintain proper oil pressure. 

6. Fuel Efficiency

Using Avana Tractor Oils will help to reduce internal friction, wear, contamination, and other damages to the engine and enhance the overall engine performance. The smooth operation of engine parts with minimal resistance helps a lot in reducing fuel consumption. This lowers operational costs and also contributes to environmental sustainability by lowering emissions. 

7. Thermal Stability 

Avana Tractor Oil withholds excellent thermal stability which means it can perform under extreme temperatures, providing lubrication in both hot and cold conditions. The high thermal stability maintains the oil’s viscosity and performance in diverse climatic conditions preventing breakdown and ensuring efficient functioning. 

8. Water Demulsibility 

Water demulsibility is the ability of the oil to separate from water, ensuring that any water contamination does not compromise the effectiveness of the lubricant. This is particularly important in agricultural settings, where machinery is constantly exposed to water. Avana Tractor Oil possesses good water separation properties so that any water entering the system does not mix with the oil, preventing contamination and protecting the oil’s lubricating properties. 

9. Multi-functional Capabilities 

Avana Tractor Oils are composed of multi-functional capabilities, lubricating a variety of components within the tractor, including the engine, transmission, and hydraulic systems. It can perform multiple functions within the engine, including lubrication, cooling, and cleaning. This not only streamlines maintenance processes but also contributes to the overall efficiency and longevity of the equipment.

Application of Avana Tractor Oil

  • Avana Tractor Oil is mainly used for tractor transmissions, hydraulics, final drives, and wet brake systems.
  • Avana Tractor Oil is suitable for use in headers, irrigation systems, tillage equipment, and combined harvesters. 
  • Avana Tractor Oil can function effectively and dependably in field-use machinery such as hay balers, mowers, sprayers, scrapers, rotary cutters, skid steers, and mini excavators.
  • In the construction sector, heavy equipment including loaders, cranes, bulldozers, and excavators can be lubricated using Avana Tractor Oil. 
  • Avana Tractor Oil is suitable for use in telehandlers, trenchers, pile boring equipment, feller bunchers, and other specialized construction equipment, ensuring efficient performance without frequent downtime for repairs. 
  • Avana Tractor Oil is used in different industrial and manufacturing equipment such as lifting systems, torque wrenches, cylinders, pumps, punches, and presses.
  • Avana Tractor Oil is used in production lines including cutters, crimpers, pipe benders, pullers, spreaders, and flange tools. 
  • Avana Tractor Oil is suitable for use in forestry equipment including skidders, feller bunchers, and forwarders. 
  • Avana Tractor Oils are also used in landscaping equipment like skidders, feller bunchers, and forwarders. 
  • Avana Tractor Oil is suitable for mining industry equipment like haul trucks, draglines, shovels, and loaders, ensuring a smooth operation and extending the service life of the equipment.
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