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5W30 SN PLUS Fully Synthetic Petrol Engine Oil

Avana 5W30 SN PLUS is a high performance, fully synthetic petrol engine oil. The 5W30 SN PLUS petrol engine oil is specifically formulated with premium base stocks and special additives designed to meet the requirements of new generation car petrol engines. It is recommended to use it in the latest passenger car, which has small motors that cause issues such as low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) issues and chain wear, and the 5W30 SN PLUS petrol engine oil can reduce both of these problems. The multifunctional premium petrol oil not only offers excellent performance but also has environmentally friendly properties. The Avana 5W30 SN PLUS also guards the engine with an extra layer of protection.

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Avana  5W30 SN PLUS, a 100% synthetic, high-performance petrol engine oil, is designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern car engines. The premium quality base stocks and additives provide universal compatibility, high fuel efficiency, high protection capacity, and multi-functionality, ensuring extra protection against wear through exceptional properties of thermal stability and resistance to oxidation. Avana 5W30 SN PLUS petrol engine oil is formulated to reduce pollutant emissions, fuel economy, and performance. It offers superior oxidation stability and viscosity retention for a long engine life while meeting the requirements and specifications of API (SN, SN PLUS), ILSAC (G-5), and GM (Dexos 1, Gen2). It is compatible with all seals and gaskets and with every kind of healthy exhaust system, ensuring environmental safety. The unique formula of Avana 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil with novel synthetic technology provides clean burn technology, stopping carbon buildup in the engines and providing protection from additional deposits and carbonates to ensure the proper functioning of the engines. With API and ACEA industry specifications for petrol engine oils, Avana 5W30 SN PLUS petrol engine oil confirms high performance with turnkey advantages.

5W30 SN Plus Engine Oil Features

1. Low Speed Pre-Ignition Reduction

The thermal control measures of Avana 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil are designed to protect the engine from damage and burnout due to the high temperatures acting on the critical engine hardware. The formation of varnish and deposits can be potential by-products of high temperatures, severely affecting the engine power and fuel economy. Avana 5W30 SN PLUS petrol engine oil offers thermal stability under high temperatures and helps control the looseness of impurities.

In petrol engines, low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) is very prominent, and additive chemistry and quality play a big role in dealing with and controlling LSPI. The detergent technology of our Avana 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil has the highest cleanliness in piston cleanliness and is compatible with most new and used engine startup conditions. A combination of high-performance synthetic base stock and superior additive technology can potentially provide stronger resistivity, and prolong the car’s life.

2. Enhances Fuel Economy

High quality base oil and friction modified additive packages are chosen to provide enhanced fuel economy benefits. Avana 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil is formulated with carefully selected base oils and advanced additive packages that include friction modifiers. These specific qualities of our engine oil ensure the best friction modification and improved fuel economy. Reducing the overall friction in your engine pays off in terms of reduced energy use, longer engine life, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Avana 5W30 SN PLUS specific levels of friction modification work together to provide useful improvement in fuel economy for modern petrol engine cars.

3. Excellent Anti-Wear Protection

The special formulations of Avana  5W30 SN PLUS engine oil contain superior quality viscosity index improvers and friction modifiers to ensure anti-wear protection and reduced friction. The enhanced thermal and oxidation stability of our engine oil minimizes the viscosity change and oil build-up. Friction takes away useful power that the engine is producing all along and also causes premature wear and tear. However, the friction modifier formula of Avana 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil will provide the engine an excellent wear protection and minimum impact on the natural environment.

4. Exceptional Piston Cleanliness 

The composition of Avana 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil is specified to prevent deposits on the pistons in the engine due to continuous exposure to high temperatures. The high temperature on the pistons will lead to oxidation and deposition of contaminants. These ignition chamber deposits affect the performance and durability of the vehicle and cause friction and wear in the circulation of the valves. The piston structure in vehicles is quite important in cleaning the combustion chamber of impurities and preventing the retention of impurities in any part of the engine. Our 5W30 SN PLUS petrol engine oil can prevent the pistons from contamination and endure the long run of the engine.

4. Protection Against Sludge 

Protection against sludge is an important yet often overlooked feature of engine oils. In cars, hot engine oil comes into contact with water (moisture), unburned fuel, metallic engine particles, and plastic sealants. So, the oil reservoir absorbs the water, fuel, and metal debris and deposits it in the form of sludge. The superior quality detergents present in our  5W30 SN PLUS engine oil disperse the contaminants such as metal particles, dust, and debris found in engine oil.

5W30 SN Plus Engine Oil Applications

  • Avana 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil is suitable for petrol engine cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • Applicable for certain marine engines, particularly those found in small boats and personal watercraft.
  • Ideal for use in commercial vehicles such as delivery vans and taxis.
  • Suited for use in recreational vehicles equipped with gasoline engines, including motorhomes and camper vans.
  • Compatible with certain motorcycles equipped with four-stroke engines.

Test Data of 5W30 SN Plus Engine Oil

Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C 0.847
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) 11.2
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt ) 65.1
Viscosity Index 166
Flash Point COC (°C) 225
Pour Point (°C) -42
TBN (mg KOH / g) 8.3

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. What does SN stand for in engine oil?

SN stands for “Supplemental” or “Second Generation” and denotes a classification by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for engine oil. It represents oils formulated to meet the latest industry standards, providing improved performance, protection, and fuel efficiency for modern gasoline engines.

2. Is SL better than SN oil?

Determining whether SL or SN oil is better depends on various factors like engine requirements, driving conditions, and manufacturer recommendations. But, for recent oil, the higher specification can surpass the lower letter grade. Also, an engine oil with SN specification can be used for vehicles that request SM, SL, and SJ requirements. SN oil typically offers improved performance and protection due to advancements in formulation, making it a better choice for modern engines, but always refer to your vehicle’s manual for specific recommendations.

3. Is Avana 5W30 SN PLUS a semi-synthetic or fully synthetic engine oil?

Avana 5W30 SN PLUS is a fully synthetic, new generation, superior quality engine oil designed to meet your engine’s unique requirements.

4. What benefits does 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil offer?

  • Excellent protection against wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of engine components.
  • Improved fuel efficiency due to reduced friction.
  • Enhanced engine cleanliness, preventing the buildup of deposits and sludge.
  • High-temperature stability, maintaining viscosity even under extreme conditions.

5. What does “5W30” mean?

The number “5W30” represents the oil’s viscosity rating. The “5W” indicates the oil’s viscosity in cold temperatures, with “5” being the viscosity under cold temperature, and “30” represents the viscosity at high temperature.

6. Is 5W30 SN PLUS petrol engine oil compatible with all petrol engines?

5W30 PLUS engine oil is suitable for almost every petrol engine vehicles . However, we recommend Avana 5W30 SN PLUS engine oil mostly for petrol engine passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Moreover, it’s always important to consult your vehicle manufacturer’s manual to know more about the oil requirements needed for your vehicle.

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