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Advantages And Applications of Eco-Friendly Lubricants

In a fast-paced world, where industries are emerging daily and environmental concerns are rising rapidly, everyone is searching for sustainable solutions. The environmental impacts of industrial practices made it critical to minimize the carbon footprint. Machines are one of the key factors in industries and so are lubricants. When it comes to environmental sustainability goals, the spotlight always falls on lubricants. 

Traditional lubricants, which are made from fossil fuels contain harmful additives and significantly contribute to environmental degradation. Here emerges the importance of eco-friendly lubricants. Traditional lubricants are notorious for their non-biodegradable nature which poses a huge threat to nature. These lubricants contaminate both soil and water bodies, resulting in long-term damage to vegetation, wildlife, and human safety. 

However, the invention of biodegradable lubricants has contributed a lot to the environment. Eco-friendly or biodegradable oils are made from biodegradable base oils and additives and are free from harmful chemicals. These lubricants are formulated to break down easily and naturally in the environment.  

This blog explores the infinite advantages of using eco-friendly lubricants and how companies can contribute to sustainability goals by choosing green lubricant paths. 

Advantages Of Eco-friendly Lubricants

1. Reduced Environmental Impact

As mentioned above, compared to traditional lubricants, eco-friendly lubricants have a lower environmental impact. They break down rapidly, while traditional lubricants have slow decomposition and harmful additives. Due to their low toxicity, eco-friendly lubricants pose minimal threat to the ecosystem in case of accidental spills and leaks. 

2. Lower Greenhouse Gas Emission

Eco-friendly lubricants have a lower carbon footprint. So, the production and usage of these lubricants will reduce the emission of a significant amount of greenhouse gases to the environment. Choosing green lubricants instead of conventional lubricants will help the companies to reduce their overall carbon emissions.

3. Waste Management

Traditional lubricants are persistent to stay in the environment due to their non-biodegradable nature. Therefore, the disposal of these conventional lubricants is expensive and somehow challenging. But, green lubricants are designed to break down easily in the environment. So, using eco-friendly lubricants will save you from extra disposal costs.

4. Extended Life Span And Reduced Maintenance 

Ecofriendly lubricants are specially formulated to provide super-quality services to the machinery. The unique additives and formulation techniques will reduce wear and tear, extending the life span of machine equipment. This will minimize the need for frequent maintenance. Companies can save a considerable amount in operational costs and it will also reduce the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing and disposal of machinery equipment.

5. Improve Energy Efficiency

In comparison with conventional lubricants, eco-friendly lubricants provide more thermal stability and lubricity. Using eco-friendly lubricants will reduce friction and heat generation resulting in energy efficiency. Companies that opt for eco-friendly lubricants can save a lot on energy and also contribute to their sustainable goals. 

Applications of Eco-Friendly Lubricants

1. Manufacturing Industry 

In the manufacturing realm, maintaining and modification of machinery is inevitable. Using eco-friendly lubricants can reduce friction, early wear and tear, and provide better lubrication. They don’t require any equipment modification for their usage. We can use it in the existing equipment. Eco-friendly lubricants are formulated from renewable energy sources such as vegetable oil, so, the carbon footprint and environmental impact are lesser. With the presence of superior additives, eco-friendly lubricants reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

2. Marine Industry

Being cautious about accidental spills and leakage is very crucial in the marine industry. The non-toxic characteristics of green lubricants will prevent them from contaminating the ocean water. This will result in a safe marine environment. Other than the safety of the marine environment, the protection of marine equipment is also an important thing to consider. Eco-friendly lubricants are renowned for their better lubricity and corrosion-preventing additives. By using green lubricants, we can protect the marine equipment from corrosion and rust ensuring better performance and longevity. 

3. Automobile Industry

Energy efficiency and extended lifespan of equipment are critical in the automotive industry. As we mentioned above, eco-friendly lubricants are better at reducing friction and ensuring fuel efficiency. These lubricants also have great oxidation stability. This will reduce the chances of engine damage which results in an extended lifespan.

Companies Role In Achieving Sustainability Goals 

1. Corporate Social Responsibility 

To make your company a well-known one, corporate social responsibility activities are a must be done. There are several ways to contribute to the society to enhance your company name. However one of the most popular yet sustainable ways of CSR activity is contributing to the wellness of our environment. CSR activities are not only a method to build your brand image, but to showcase your commitment to society. Therefore, instead of holding some yearly activities, you can start from scratch. Using green lubricants is a proactive approach to safeguard our environment. It will not only enhance your company’s reputation as a responsible citizen but also help you to gain some profit.

2. Supply Chain Responsibility

A positive influence on your supply chain can easily enhance your business and brand image. Partnering up with suppliers that prioritize environmental responsibility will pave the way for eco-conscious business practices. Opting eco-friendly lubricants for your equipment and suggesting them to your suppliers will make a great reduction in the carbon footprint. 

3. Brand Reputation And Consumers

With the rising concerns about environmental protection, companies are in a dire need to embrace sustainable goals. Nowadays, consumers are making choices based on environmental considerations. Therefore, to build a better name among consumers, following eco-friendly business practices is a good option. Choosing green lubricants will improve your company’s green image which ensures a better brand reputation and more consumers.

In conclusion, opting for eco-friendly lubricants is an impactful milestone for companies looking to contribute to environmental sustainability. This shift from conventional lubricants to eco-friendly lubricants can be considered as a long-term investment for your business. Except for the immediate benefit of reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact, this change will contribute to your profit and brand image. Currently, the world is on a quest for sustainable goals and green lubricants are one of the solutions for it. Consumers are making choices based on environmental considerations. Hence, your choice of lubricants has emerged as a vital decision for the betterment of both your business and the environment. 

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