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HV 46 Hydraulic Oil

Avana Hydraulic oil HV 46 is a top level hydraulic oil formulated specially to use in a wide range of hydraulic machines and equipments. Avana HV 46 Hydraulic oil is blended with top quality base oils and additives to offer excellent lubrication, reduction of wear and tear, excellent oxidation stability, ensure protection against corrosion, consistent performance under extreme low and high temperature. Due to high viscosity index HV 46 Hydraulic Oil can ensure fluidity even under high temperature range. Avana Hydraulic oil HV 46 meets the performance standards of AFNOR NFE-48-603, ISO 11158 HV, DIN 51524/3 HVLP, Denison HF-1, Cincinnati P-70, Sauer Danfoss 520L0463 and Eaton Vickers M-2950-S/I-386.

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HV 46 Hydraulic oil is a high viscosity hydraulic oil that comes under ISO 46 viscosity grade, which is highly suited for a wide range of hydraulic machines. Our HV 46 Hydraulic Oil is capable enough to give excellent protection to hydraulic components and ensure smooth functioning of your hydraulic machines.

HV 46 Hydraulic oil is highly recommended for heavy duty hydraulic applications because of its ability to maintain the balance between high-pressure operation and continuous flow of fluid. Hydraulic oil HV 46 has excellent flow properties which ensure consistent transmission of power between hydraulic components whenever it is used for lubrication on hydraulic components.

HV46 Hydraulic Oil Features

High Viscosity Index

Hydraulic oil HV 46 has a high viscosity index (VI) which helps to offer excellent performance in hydraulic machines and systems. High viscosity index means the oil is very thick in its fluid state and exerts more resistance to flow. With a high viscosity index hydraulic oil 46 cannot change it’s state to either too thick or too thin, so it can operate even under changing temperature conditions and can offer consistent performance to hydraulic systems. The viscosity grade of a hydraulic oil is determined by its kinematic viscosity at 40°C and 100°C, measured in centistokes (cSt).

Protection Against Wear and Tear

HV 46 Hydraulic oil can provide excellent protection against wear and tear, which makes it an ideal choice for heavy duty hydraulic systems & machines operating under extreme industrial environments. Protection against wear and tear means HV 46 Hydraulic oil can minimize or reduce the friction between moving parts of hydraulic machines and thereby reducing the chances of breakdowns and maintenance.

Strong Protection Against Corrosion

HV 46 Hydraulic oil can offer strong protection against corrosion and rust. HV 46 Hydraulic oil contains advanced anti-corrosion additives that can form a barrier between metal surfaces and moisture & air which help to prevent metal parts from corrosion and rust.

Excellent Oxidation Stability

HV 46 Hydraulic oil has excellent stability against oxidation effects. High oxidation stability means HV 46 Hydraulic oil can resist against the chemical reaction and degradation of oil quality when it is exposed to the air, high temperature conditions and other particle contaminants. Oxidation stability is one of the key properties needed for a hydraulic oil because with low oxidation stability can affect the viscosity of the oil and which will reduce the fluidity and performance.

Exceptional Demulsification Properties

HV 46 Hydraulic oil has exceptional demulsification properties, with this characteristic HV 46 hydraulic oil can separate from water and prevent the formation of emulsion that can cause the viscosity and lubrication of hydraulic oil.

Foam Suppressing Characteristics

HV 46 Hydraulic oil has superb foam suppressing properties which helps hydraulic oil to reduce the foam formation significantly within the hydraulic machines and equipments. Foam reduction allows hydraulic systems to work smoothly without causing any damages.

High Compatibility

HV 46 hydraulic oil is highly compatible with seals and gaskets made from synthetic materials, which means HV 46 hydraulic oil can prevent the leakage of oil from the hydraulic machines parts.

Application of HV46 Hydraulic Oil

  • HV 46 hydraulic oil is highly suited for hydraulic systems operating outdoors under extreme cold temperature conditions such as marine, construction, mining etc.
  • HV 46 hydraulic oil is recommended by pump manufacturers to use especially in vane and gear pumps operating under high pressure and low temperatures.
  • HV 46 hydraulic oil is used in light duty gearboxes, bearings and heavy duty machineries operating under extreme hot temperature and cold startup conditions.
  • HV 46 hydraulic oil is used in hydraulic hoists, air-line lubricators, vacuum pumps, lightly loaded gear sets and bearings.
  • HV 46 hydraulic oil is suited for mobile hydraulic equipments and machines such as hydraulic presses, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic lifts.
  • HV 46 hydraulic oil is used in mini excavators, cranes operating under extreme cold conditions (up to -39°C)
Grade HV 46
Density at 15°C ASTM D1298 kg/m3 0.87
Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) ASTM D445 mm²/s 8.0 mm²/s
Viscosity at 40°C (104°F) ASTM D445 mm²/s 46.0 mm²/s
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 46
Pour Point (max) ASTM D97 °C -42.0 °C / -33.0 °F
Flash Point (min) ASTM D92 °C ≥ 210 °C

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is HV 46 hydraulic oil?
HV 46 hydraulic oil is a high viscosity hydraulic oil that can maintain stability in its viscosity level even under changing and extreme temperature conditions.

What does HV mean in hydraulic oil?
HV in hydraulic oil stands for high viscosity. HV graded hydraulic oil has a high viscosity index (VI) which means it does not change its viscosity level significantly with changing or extreme temperature conditions. Hydraulic oils should maintain their viscosity level in any changing temperature conditions to ensure proper lubrication of hydraulic machines.

What is the viscosity of HV 46?

HV 46 hydraulic oil has a kinematic viscosity of 46 cSt (centiStokes) at 40 °C (degrees Celsius) and 8.5 cSt at 100°C. This means that it takes 46 seconds for 1 millilitre of HV 46 hydraulic oil to flow through a glass capillary tube at 40 ° C in simple words, HV 46 hydraulic oil is thicker and exerts more resistance to flow at low temperatures and will become thinner and exerts less resistance at higher temperatures.

What is HV 46 hydraulic oil used for?

HV 46 hydraulic oil is used in a wide range of hydraulic systems such as marine hydraulic systems, excavators, cranes, bulldozers, backhoes, loaders etc.

What is the temperature range for hydraulic oil HV 46?

The temperature range for HV 46 hydraulic oil is from -35 °C to 120 °C. This temperature range may vary depends on brand and formulation of the oil.

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