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AVANA general-purpose grease is specially formulated to prevent corrosion, rust, and contamination. The superior quality calcium grease comprises precisely selected refined mineral base oil with calcium soap and an approved additive package. Our calcium grease has a very high load-carrying capacity, the best anti-wear properties, and a temperature stability of up to 80 ˚C. The significant water resistance and high oxidation resistance AVANA general-purpose grease possess makes it easy to prevent rust and corrosion. The calcium grease is completely free from synthetic components and purely made up of mineral oils such as naphthenic base oil to provide high solvency. 

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Avana calcium grease oil is produced with higher quality base oil, thickener, and performance additive with the most novel technology. As the main component of grease, the additives present in the Avana calcium grease help the base oil to enhance its properties with anti-oxidants, corrosion inhibitors, and anti-foam agents. The calcium grease is suitable for general applications and it provides extra protection against rust and corrosion. With the 2 and 3 NLGI consistency, it is compatible with almost every vehicle and machinery while meeting the requirements and specifications of ISO 6743-9: L-XBCEA 2; DIN 51502: K2K-25; ISO 6743-9: L-XBCEA 3; DIN 51502: K3K-20. Whether it is your vehicle or machinery, if you’re looking for an efficient grease oil, then Avana calcium grease oil is your best choice.

Calcium Grease Features

1. Outstanding Water Resistance
Avana calcium grease is exceptional in its water resistance properties. It provides a protective shield against moisture-related damage, ensuring optimal performance even in adversely challenging conditions. With this water-resisting property, it can easily withstand the water washout and protect the metal components from damage.

2.Contamination Resistance
Avana calcium grease is designed to repel contamination, protecting components of vehicles and machinery from external particles such as dust, debris, and contaminants ensuring smooth and reliable operation. The high-quality mineral base oil and calcium soap together create a protective barrier against contaminants.

3.Oxidation Resistance
Oxidation of greases may cause carbonization and crust formation which leads to poor performance of engine and equipment. But, Avana calcium grease is engineered with a very high oxidation resistance. Therefore, it reduces the chances of degradation and breakdown while ensuring extended equipment life and stable performance. The excellent oxidation resistance contributes to the reliability of the lubricant, even in varying environmental conditions

4.High Load-Carrying Capacity and Anti-Wear Properties
Our general-purpose calcium grease oil is excellent in providing very high load carrying capacity. Therefore, it is the most suitable calcium grease for heavy-load activities. Moreover, the anti-wear properties our product exhibits reduce friction and minimize wear and tear among critical components. It helps the parts that are constantly in motion such as bearings, joints, and chassis components to perform their function more efficiently for a long period.

5.Protection Against Rust and Corrosion
The super-quality additives present in our general-purpose grease oil provide thorough protection against rust and corrosion. The anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties extend the lifespan and reduce maintenance costs. To ensure longer service, it is important to prevent engine and equipment components from rust and corrosion. Therefore, this crucial property of Avana calcium grease prevents the degradation of equipment surfaces and premature component failure maintaining the structural integrity of machinery.

6.Low Coefficient of Friction
Avana calcium grease oil has a low coefficient of friction, resulting in the enhanced efficiency of moving parts. This property helps the moving components of your vehicle or machinery to perform a smoother operation, reduce energy consumption, and increase overall productivity.

Application of Calcium Grease

  • Avana calcium grease finds its ideal position in various automotive applications, particularly in areas such as bearings, chassis points, and joints.
  • The general-purpose grease is well suited for general applications where the operating temperature remains below 80˚C.
  • The general-purpose grease is crafted to cater to several construction, agricultural, and marine applications.
  • It is suitable for use in applications where slow oscillating bearings are exposed to extreme pressure conditions.
  • The general-purpose calcium grease oil is designed to be applied where bearings operate under heavy and shock loading conditions.

Specification of Calcium Grease

NLGI Consistency 2 3
Soap Type Calcium Calcium
Base Oil Type Mineral Mineral
Drop Point ̊C 90 ̊C 90 ̊C
Penetration Worked @ 25 ̊C (0.1mm) 275 235

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the operating temperature for calcium grease?
Our general-purpose grease oil consists of excellent wash-out properties for general use. The operating temperature of our product is -20°C up to +80°C.

What is NLGI grade in calcium grease?
The NLGI grade stands for National Lubricating Grease Institute. This grade indicates the consistency of the grease. Our general-purpose grease is available in both NLGI grades 2 and 3, offering different options for different applications.

Where can I use this calcium grease?
Our calcium grease is applicable in a variety of fields including automotive, industrial, agricultural, and marine. It is best suitable for bearings, chassis points, and joints.

How does this grease perform in extreme temperatures?
Our general-purpose grease can be operated in a broad temperature range. It can maintain its consistency and lubricating properties in different environmental conditions. It offers optimal performance in both low and high temperatures.

What colour is calcium grease?
Calcium grease can be found in different colours. But mainly it seems in green colour and in the presence of light some calcium greases have been found to start shifting from a translucent amber to a brownish red.

Is this calcium grease compatible with other greases?
Our general-purpose grease is compatible with most common greases. However, it is advisable to avoid mixing up the greases with one another. To attain excellent performance, it is recommended to clean the application area thoroughly before applying Avana calcium grease oil.

How often should I apply the calcium grease?
The reapplication of grease depends on various factors such as operating conditions, load, and environmental exposure. Therefore, it is better to reapply the grease only after regular inspection. This will help the longevity and enhance optimal performance.

How should I store this grease for maximum shelf life?
It is best to place it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Ensure the container of the grease is tightly sealed properly to avoid contamination. With proper storage, our calcium grease maintains its effectiveness for an extended period.

Can I use this grease for marine applications?
Certainly. Our calcium grease contains superior-quality anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives. Furthermore, it has excellent water-resisting properties. Therefore, Avana calcium grease oil is ideal for marine applications including boat trailers, winches, and other marine equipment.

What are the key features of this calcium grease?
Our general-purpose calcium grease is renowned for its excellent water-resisting properties, oxidation stability, and corrosion protection. It ensures reliable lubrication in a wide range of operating conditions.



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