Avana DCT ATF fluid is specifically formulated to suit all dual-clutch operations. The DCT ATF fluid, the synthetic all-purpose dual-clutch transmission fluid, is composed of high-grade base oil and advanced additive components to get premium-quality DCT fluid. They are designed with very good friction properties and high-end anti-oxidants. Avana DCT ATF fluid has a high viscosity index of 7.3 cSt at 100°C and 33.8 cSt at 40°C which guarantees it can provide stable lubrication at varying temperature conditions. It can be used in almost all passenger cars and provides a great level of component protection and friction control.

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Avana DCT ATF fluid is produced with high-grade base oil and advanced additive packages using cutting-edge technology to provide performance enhancements for all kinds of dual-clutch operations. The DCT ATF fluid has a density of 0.845 kg/l at  15°C and viscosity varies from 7.3 cSt at 100°C to 33.8 cSt at 40°C. The high viscosity index of the fluid helps to maintain perfect lubrication in different temperature conditions. The density of the DCT ATF fluid helps to maintain better contamination control making the lubrication process more effective. 

The DCT ATF fluid is formulated for use in a variety of passenger cars and vans with a dual clutch. The synthetic technology used in the formulation of DCT ATF oil provides a required level of friction control for the seamless operation and prolonged lifespan of dual-clutch designs. The fluid has a pour point of -42°C making the fluid seamlessly flow even in the lowest temperatures. The 200°C flash point of the oil prevents the oil from ignition and adversely affects the lubrication during higher temperature conditions. The excellent anti-oxidants and anti-wear properties of Avana DCT ATF fluid balance all the necessary performance requirements. The higher-quality additives in the oil prevent foam formation and corrosion, ensuring longevity and synchronizer durability. 

Avana DCT ATF oil can be used in a wide range of passenger cars and vans including but not limited to VW (TL 052 182 /TL 052 529), BMW (Getrag)(83 22 2 148 578/ 83 22 2 148 579/ 83 22 0 440 214/ 83 22 2 147 477), MB 236.21(001 989 85 03), Ford M2C936A, Porsche (Oil No. 999.917.080.00), Volvo (1161838 / 1161839), Renault Getrag (BOT 450), Ford/Nissan M2C936A (BOT 341). 

Another important characteristic of Avana DCT ATF fluid is its compatibility with seals making the seal reliable and long-lasting. Avana DCT ATF fluid is the best choice when it comes to a premium, fully synthetic transmission fluid for your vehicle.

DCT ATF Fluid Features

1. Optimum Stability to Aging

Avana DCT ATF fluid is prominent in providing longevity and reliability to your dual-transmission system. Our fluid’s optimum stability to aging guarantees that it retains its integrity over time, contributing to prolonged performance and sustainable efficiency.

2. Stability Against Oxidation

Another key feature of our DCT ATF oil is its excellent oxidation resistance. This characteristic ensures the enduring quality and dependability of our product. The anti-oxidants in the fluid prevent the formation of harmful deposits, maintaining the fluid’s purity and ensuring the smooth performance of the dual transmission system.

3. Shear Stability

Maintaining viscosity under various temperature conditions solely depends on shear stability. With very good shear stability, our DCT ATF fluid provides consistent performance and protection against viscosity breakdown thereby enhancing the lifespan of transmission.

4. Water Resistance

One of the standout features of our DCT ATF fluid is its excellent water resistance. This property provides durability and protection to the transmission components. It reduces the chances of premature wear and tear ensuring the vehicle’s smooth operation even under challenging circumstances.

5. Low Pour Point

Avana DCT ATF oil guarantees versatility by exhibiting very good low-temperature properties. The low pour point prevents oil from thickening resulting in efficient circulation and lubrication under extremely low temperatures. It enhances the fluidity and functionality of the transmission system. This feature is highly beneficial during cold starts, ensuring your transmission system is protected from the outset.

6. Friction Properties and Clutch Performance

The exceptional friction properties of our DCT ATF oil contribute to the increased clutch performance. The fluid creates a protective shield between the moving components of the system to prevent the friction that may occur during the system’s functioning. The anti-friction properties result in smooth gear transitions and a responsive driving experience.

7. Compatible with Seals

Avana DCT ATF fluid is formulated with the property of compatibility with seals. This compatibility ensures a tight seal, preventing leakage and preserving the efficiency of the system.

8. Prevention Against Wear, Corrosion, and Foam

Avana DCT ATF oil is not only wear-resistant but also combats corrosion and foam formation. The anti-foaming properties in the oil prevent the formation of foams and enhance the durability of the transmission system. The corrosion inhibitors guard against all forms of corrosion and thereby enhance the system performance and extend the lifespan of critical components. This comprehensive protection reduces the risk of costly repairs.

DCT ATF Fluid Applications

  • Avana DCT ATF oil is best suited for modern high-tech dual-clutch transmissions, gear sets, synchronizers, etc.
  • Suitable to use in the service of a wide range of cars and vans that use ZF, Getrag, and BORG WARNER equipment.
  • DCT ATF fluid is suitable for many modern vehicles including VW, BMW, MB, Ford, Porsche, Volvo, AUDI, Renault, Nissan, etc.
  • Applicable for certain mechanical gearboxes that demand gear oil with an exceptionally low viscosity grade.

Test Data of DCT ATF Fluid 

Density @ 15°C, kg/l ASTM D1298 kg/l 0.845
Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt ASTM D445 cSt 7.3
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt ASTM D445 cSt 33.8
Viscosity Index (min) ASTM D2270  – 185
Brookfield Viscosity @-40 °C, cP ASTM D2983 cP 12,000
Pour Point, °C ASTM D97 ˚C -42
Flash Point, °C ASTM D92 ˚C 200

Performance Specification of DCT ATF Oil

VW TL 052 182 /TL 052 529
BMW (Getrag)
83 22 2 148 578/ 83 22 2 148 579/ 83 22 0 440 214/ 83 22 2 147 477
MB 236.21(001 989 85 03)
Ford M2C936A
Porsche Oil No. 999.917.080.00
Volvo 1161838 / 1161839
Renault Getrag (BOT 450)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can I use any ATF fluid for my dual-clutch transmission?

No, it is crucial to use a DCT ATF fluid for dual-clutch transmissions. They are specifically formulated to meet the required characteristics for optimal performance and protection. It is always better to check your vehicle’s manual to confirm the correct fluid specifications.

2. Is DCT the same as CVT?

Both DCT and CVT are unique and cater to different needs. Both deliver impressive performance and competitive fuel efficiency. If you desire rapid gear shifts and enhanced acceleration, it is better to opt for DCT.

3. When should I change my DCT transmission fluid?

The recommended intervals of oil change may vary among vehicle manufacturers. However, it is advisable to be checked and changed every 4 years or 40,000 miles. And it is better to follow the guidelines provided in your vehicle’s owner manual.

4. Why is DCT ATF oil essential for my vehicle?

Using specific and necessary ATF fluid in your vehicle is crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of your transmission system. Avana DCT ATF fluid is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of the dual-clutch transmission system. It serves different purposes, including lubricating moving parts, preventing corrosion, reducing friction, and providing proper heat dissipation within the dual-clutch transmission system.

5. How does DCT ATF fluid differ from traditional ATF fluid?

DCT AF fluids are formulated to fulfill the unique requirements of dual-clutch transmission systems. It consists of superior frictional properties and thermal stability compared to traditional ATF fluids, ensuring smoother shifts and better overall performance.

6. What are the signs that indicate a need for DCT ATF fluid replacement?

Frequent fluid checks are critical to catch potential issues early and prevent transmission system damage. If you experience rough shifting, delayed engagement, or a burnt odour coming from the transmission, it may be time for fluid replacement.

7. Is it necessary to flush the DCT ATF system, or is changing the fluid sufficient?

Changing the fluid is essential for your transmission system. However, some manufacturers recommend flushing the system at certain intervals. It is to remove the accumulated contaminants and ensure a more thorough fluid replacement.

8. Can using the wrong DCT ATF fluid cause damage to my transmission system?

Yes. Using the wrong DCT ATF fluid may lead to various potential damages including overheating, slippage, increased wear, and reduced lifespan of critical components. Therefore, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s fluid recommendation to maintain the performance of your transmission system.

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